• Estelle Ablett

Word Weaving

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

"girl writing" by Estelle Ablett


Time stood still in the wordory.

With bated breath

The ancient librarians paused.

Somewhere, words threaded together

On the loom of a novice poet.

Creating flow and pattern

From fleeting thoughts

Rhythm and rhyme

Warp wefting the feelings

Into glorious reams of golden brocade.

No rough hessian here

Even the banal musings

Are polished into bright ribbons of silk

Lacing tight the ephemeral mood

To the meter of the line

Meaning and verse,

flow from her pen,

A myriad of themes attract her attention

Repeated motifs find their way to the surface

And sit like the pattern return on the fabric

Of bolts of cloth stacked high upon shelves

A distinct voice bringing new annotations

And musings on life expounded from journals.

Looking for a suitable space on the shelves,

The library staff in the word smiths guild

Glance, smiling softly to one another.


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