• Doriana Dyakova

What is the Met Gala Good For in 2022?

Everyone in Gucci seemed to think there was no theme at all

When the Met Gala launched in 1948, with $50 a ticket seats, nobody assumed it would turn into the so-called biggest night in fashion. It was a quiet fundraising affair for the costume institute, until Diana Vreeland, the then legendary Vogue editor, moved the location to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and invited a star-studded group for publicity. From 1971 onwards, ticket prices have soared to a current $30,000 a seat, and to attend, and guests must be vetted by the discerning eye of Anna Wintour. Tens of thousands dollars feels like very little to a millionaire, or the Kardashian billionaires who yearly walk the velvet red path in unbroken Giuseppe Zannotti. However, has this opulent affair reached a Hunger Games Capitol-like status?


This exhibit of supposed ‘creativity’ seems to be the centre of all news, media and documentation, despite the Supreme Court in the US drafting a bill reversing Roe vs Wade the same night, and Ukraine experiencing further peril by the hour.


As the cameras turned to capture the Met Gala guests, the Gilded Age themed outfits seemed to lack all innovation and inspiration. Rihanna and Lady Gaga, the supposed reigning queens of the Met never showed, while the Kardashians, in Off-White and Thom Browne, seemed to bring a choppy or pouffy mess to the carpet. Kendall Jenner seemed to be the only saving grace in a black Prada number, only to slap a bleached brow on top. Kim Kardashian, in her Monroe dress, left us wondering why a body positive business owner and activist, would lose 16lbs through disordered eating to fit into a fragile, and historical item instead of using her billion dollars to have something original made (that also fits). The highlights of the night included Blake Lively in Versace, echoing the Statue of Liberty, Cardi B, Gemma Chan in the only glamorous Louis Vuitton creation, and Lizzo in Thom Browne, fluting away at the paparazzi. Rosalia in Givenchy and Jessica Chastain in Gucci also satisfied with enough glitz to be taken seriously. Everyone else in Gucci seemed to think that there was no theme at all, or caught up on last year’s ‘Notes on Camp.’ The men, as usual, wore black tuxedoes, with the refreshing exception of Lenny Kravitz serving the only appropriate corset of the evening.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram post appreciating her Met makeup


Perhaps its importance is often overstated in the media, but should you want a mind-numbing distraction from the fascistic changes happening in the world, or to see what fashion could have been, then certainly catch up on this year’s Met.