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Ukraine-Based Wellness Firm BetterMe Launches Its Creating Freedom Within Matching Set

These athletic clothes are designed in Ukrainian colours, blue and yellow, which are now an emblem of the fight for liberty

On 24 February, Ukrainians woke up at 5.00AM not because of the sound of their alarm clocks, but because of the amount of bombs going off.

BetterMe is a Ukraine-based leading behavioural healthcare company taking care of the physical and mental health of 100 million users worldwide. The company headquarters are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the company has developed two supportive apps, BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health. Recently, BetterMe Store apparel for sports, which will become an excellent motivation to start exercising, was launched.

Image: Marta Dzhumaha

Victoria Repa, CEO and Founder of BetterMe has shared her personal story of the war in Ukraine: "In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and deprived me of my home in Donbas. In 2022, Russia attacked my second home in Kyiv.

"Russia is bombarding residential areas, kindergartens, schools. Russia is committing a crime against humanity. Now the entire Ukrainian nation is united as never before. We are fighting for freedom and for the future of our country. Russia is attacking the values of the whole world, while Ukraine is fighting for the world.

"Sure, I am scared for my life, the lives of my loved ones as well as the whole Ukrainian nation. I am also confused in the face of the unknown. We have all experienced similar feelings of uncertainty after the COVID-19 outbreak. Back then, we were all affected by a disease. Now with the war, so many of us in Ukraine and all over the globe are feeling helpless and numb because of all the injustice. It’s one person who is intentionally destroying the lives of millions.

"Despite all the chaos, Ukrainians are a strong and resilient nation. And everyone is playing their important part on the way to victory.

"I do understand that when I am affected by panic, I cannot think straight and secure the stability of the business. That is why I focus on what I can control. My primary task at the moment is to guarantee the operational efficiency of BetterMe. This will secure jobs and enable us to provide financial support to employees.

"Those not fighting on the front line have to ensure economic sustainability. This, in turn, will help the armed forces, people at most risk, as well as the whole nation."

Many Ukrainian people are doing everything they can to promote the liberation of Ukrainian lands from their invaders and are calling for an end to the conflict.

Being an Ukraine-based wellness firm, BetterMe has launched its 'Creating Freedom Within' matching set. These athletic clothes are designed in Ukrainian colours, blue and yellow, which are now an emblem of the fight for liberty the world over.

50 per cent of the profits from the set will be given to charity to help young children; the funds will be transferred to UNICEF Ukraine. So, through style and clothes, by wearing the Creating Freedom Within set, you show support for Ukraine, and the longing of Ukrainians to aim for liberation and autonomy. When you buy the set, you are actively helping Ukrainian children.

It’s important to note that this apparel collection isn’t just about clothing or comfort, it’s about ways of life and moral principles, about opting for emancipation, equity, and courage.

The Creating Freedom Within set is made of premium four-way stretch fabric, and is high-waisted, which gives it such advantages as lower belly support, ease of movement, considerable breathability, form-flattering leggings that shape legs and make thighs appear thinner, as well as having a quick-drying effect.

Overall, the set is high-quality and brilliantly designed for your workouts - plus, every purchase helps Ukraine.

Since the war started, BetterMe has:

  • Donated $40,000 to the Savelife.in.ua foundation, which supports the Ukrainian army

  • Provided free access to BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health apps for Ukrainians

  • Launched a special chapter to support the mental health of Ukrainian children in BetterMe: Mental Health

  • Started a project with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to help Ukrainian children have access to physical activity and mental support

  • Stopped serving Russian users and encouraged them to support Ukraine through push notifications

  • Sent push notifications to 2.5 million international users calling for help for Ukraine

  • Collaborated with international charity foundations, like the Polish Altruisto.

Watch this explanation of Altruisto


CEO and Founder Victoria Repa has also appealed to international tech companies to send notifications to their users to support Ukraine and make donations in support of the Ukrainian army.


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