• Bridie Adams

The Glossy Lip Trend

High shine lip glosses are very much in, being seen all over social media and on the catwalk. What are the best lip glosses to achieve the perfect glossy lip and why is this trend so popular?

Glossy lips are definitely in at the moment, but it’s nothing new. Celebrities have been slicking their lips with dewy lip glosses for years, but after slipping off the radar for a few years when matte lip shades came into style, gloss is back and better than ever. When we think Y2K lipgloss queens, we think Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. When we think 2020s lipgloss queens, Ariana Grande and Rihanna spring to mind. What is it about lip gloss that celebrities love so much?

Firstly, a glossy lip is timeless. It looks healthy, glowing and just drop-dead gorgeous on anybody. It can look natural or glam - it’s very versatile. You can wear it with no makeup at all or with a full face. You can add to an already stunning lip colour by swiping a clear gloss on top, or wear it as a lip look on its own by choosing a tinted or coloured gloss. The options are endless and that’s what makes the glossy lip such an appealing beauty trend.

Some of the things I didn’t like about lip gloss in my early teens were centred around the practicalities of it: I didn’t like how sticky it could feel, how easily it rubbed off, or how it was just a no-go on windy days because my long hair would definitely stick to it and create a mess of streaky lip gloss across my face as well as disgusting clumps of it in my hair. For this reason, matte liquid lipsticks seemed the way forward. Once they were on, they were on (seriously, sometimes there was no budging those things!) and they were dry in finish so there was nothing to worry about in terms of stickiness. However, matte lipstick feels so drying - I always find myself tempted to lick my lips or slather some lip balm on to bring some moisture back but that would of course ruin the look! This isn’t an issue with gloss, which makes your lips feel lovely and moisturised.

Now, lip gloss generally feels less sticky than it did ten years or so ago. Brands have developed their products to suit the growing demand for glossy lip products and on the whole, they’ve delivered. Some personal favourites of mine, at two different price points, are the Dior Addict Lip Oil (for a more expensive option) and the Barry M That’s Swell Lip Plumper (which is more affordable). Neither of these feel sticky or messy to apply. The Dior Lip Oil is so juicy and moisturising and is probably the most high-shine gloss I’ve tried, despite not lasting very long on the lips. The Barry M lip gloss lasts longer and has a plumping effect, but isn’t quite as shiny. It depends what you prefer - shine or plumpness?

Designers have also showcased glossy lips on the runway, showing that this move to glossy lips is also very much in the haute couture world as well as all over social media - and with good reason. Glossy lips are beautiful, full and glowing. I’d encourage you to try them with a natural glass skin makeup look, a full glam look or even with no other makeup at all - you’ll definitely like what you see.


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