• Bridie Adams

"The Feminine Urge" Trend

Are you feeling a feminine urge?

If you're getting away from the wintertime blues through TikTok, chances are, by now you've found "the feminine urge" TikTok trend - ranging from more sincere topics (like the pressure to achieve a lot in life) to funny and relatable subject matter (which is often chaotic.) Personally, I have seen a good deal of feminine urge memes.

Though it may seem like a recent trend, the earliest record of the phrase's

utilisation on the internet was on Twitter in 2009. On 22 April 2021, a different Twitter user slitthroatz tweeted the meme "the feminine urge to bite" rolling out the term to Twitter and bringing it into vogue on the platform. By September, it was "the feminine urge to hunt and gather (steal.)"

The Tweet "the feminine urge to play dumb (strategically)" got more than 150,000 Likes after it was posted on 6 October.

On TikTok, videos are often made using a sound from ‘Fourth of July’ by Sufjan Stevens (“I’m sorry I left, but it was for the best.”) The feminine urge expression is usually followed by a habit (like rereading messages when you miss someone") or an attitude on a societal matter (it is often used ironically to refer to feminist issues.) But it doesn’t have to be intrinsically “feminine” at all, and can allude to anything.

Listen to Sufjan Stevens - 'Fourth of July' here.


Numerous creators have broadened the trend; the feminine urge has given way to popular Tweets about the “non-binary urge” and the “masculine urge," building on the trend - therefore, in a sense, it’s not so much a reference to conventions and gender binary and more about amusing, unusual, enjoyable things. The trend can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but most videos have comical tones and/or a tinge of sorrow.


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