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The ‘90s Fashion Revival

Here's a list of all our favourite '90s trends, and why they still totally rock.

Ah, the '90s. Why is it that the decade fills me with so much nostalgia for a time I wasn't even alive for? For one, it makes me think of all kinds of things I enjoy - from Friends and Clueless, to Britney Spears and the Spice Girls - but I also love the fashion. So many trends that I adore were popularised in the '90s, and they've remained fashionable for pretty much the whole time since (I don't remember crop tops or ripped jeans ever not being popular in my lifetime.) Sure, a couple of trends slipped off the radar for a hot minute, like cardigans and cat-eye sunglasses, but now they're back - so let's celebrate them in style.



With Taylor Swift singing about ‘an old cardigan under someone’s bed’ on her 2020 album folklore, it’s hard not to want to go out and buy one yourself. They’re cute, cozy and great for adding an extra layer on top of pretty much any outfit.


Plaid flannel shirts

Boyfriend style plaid shirts are definitely in - or did they ever leave? Layer one over loungewear to make your comfy clothes look a little edgy, or tie one around your waist over an oversized t-shirt dress to give it some shape.


Cropped slogan tees

Cute slogan t-shirts are a major ‘90s throwback, as well as being really easy to style. Pair them with jeans and Dr Martens, or a tennis skirt and chunky trainers. I also love the ‘lil top big pants’ look going round on Tiktok - who knew the imbalance of a tiny crop top with super baggy wide leg jeans could look so good?


Ripped jeans

They’re just a classic. Your grandparents might hate them (“But why would you buy jeans that are already ripped?!”) but basically everyone else thinks they’re a vibe. Stonewashed ripped jeans radiate ‘90s grunge energy, but if you’re going for a more low-key look you can always rock a light-wash ripped mom jean instead.


Mini skirts

I love a plaid print on mini skirts - serious Cher Horowitz (from the 1995 film Clueless) vibes. Mini skirts were of course, a huge trend before the '90s, but I think the twist on this classic look that was popularised by countless celebrities at the very end of the twentieth century earns it a well-deserved place on the list.


Tube tops

Anyone can pull off a tube top! They look especially gorgeous with Juicy Couture (or similar) tracksuit bottoms.


Exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses

Image: Pixabay

These take a little confidence to pull off, but make for amazing selfies. You could make a glam, dressy look unique by peering over the top of some of these cat-eye sunnies, or just wear them to the beach when summer comes around and catch some rays!



If the last time you even thought about a choker was in that embarrassing emo phase you had five years ago, it's time to reconsider. Layered chokers, especially with crystals, cute lettering or charms look incredible with pretty much any outfit, especially when combined with longer necklaces as well, and are of course a big throwback to the ‘90s.


Claw clips

We love these because they’re both practical and stylish! In a rush but want to make your hair look effortlessly styled? Just pop your hair up with one of these. They do remind me of a classic primary school teacher hairstyle, but aside from that, they’re definitely a must to keep in your bag.



Let’s be honest, lots of us spend 90% of the time with a scrunchie round our wrists nowadays - you probably love scrunchies even more than you did as a kid (and they're super easy to DIY!) This trend might partially be due to the popularity of the nostalgic kidcore aesthetic, or the influence of VSCO and TikTok. Either way, they’re here to stay.


Black Dr Martens

Dr Martens are such a timeless shoe - always reliable, always good quality, and always super stylish. Even better, they now provide vegan options for if you would prefer not to buy leather.



Image: Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so you might not ever wear your slides out of the house, but I bet you still feel pretty cool as you shuffle around your kitchen in them (or even venture outside to put out the bins!) People were crazy about these in the ‘90s, and they’re really popular now too. I think perhaps we should draw the line at flip-flops, though.



A staple of ‘90s hip-hop fashion, high-top trainers are on trend again. However, the mega popular Converse high-tops have had a modern revamp, with sleek nude colours being snapped up and sold out all over the Internet. If you can get your hands (or feet?) on some, you definitely should.


Chunky trainers

My favourite shoe to come out of the ‘90s revival, chunky trainers are really versatile. They work well to balance out dresses and make your legs appear longer, as well as standing out with baggy trousers. What's not to love? A popular example is the super chunky shoes you can get from FILA.


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