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Switching It up: 3 Nintendo Switch Games You Should Be Playing

Fancy a new Switch game? We've got just the thing.

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The Nintendo Switch is now over four years old, and has a vast library of thousands of games. So how do you sort the mega mushroom from the fake item box? Here’s a break down of three games definitely worthy of your attention.


First on the list is the farm building adventure game Stardew Valley. This highly therapeutic RPG (role-playing game) takes us to Pelican Town, the remote retreat from busy city life. On the surface it seems fairly simple - just live off the land and chat to the locals, the very embodiment of easy living. But once you delve a little deeper, past the rather clean-cut exterior, you’ll find yourself caught up in complex character arcs, cave monster fighting, and collecting and selling rare items. This game brings a wealth of content, featuring many unique characters to meet and interesting locations to find. Have a wander around Pelican Town and discover what makes each of the locals tick (heck, perhaps even marry one!), house a host of different animals on your farm (just don’t forget to pet them - you’ll thank me later.) It was definitely a nice surprise to have so much that could have been released as DLC (downloadable content) released included in the base game (thank you, ConcernedApe!) So it’s really up to you, build your farm and harvest crops to your heart's content, or battle monsters with every sword under the Stardew sun. Either way, you can develop your character’s proficiencies and become a master of your craft in no time. This game really has everything - action, adventure, romance - and it’s definitely worth every minute of game time. So grab a pickaxe and a fishing rod, as the world is really your oyster (to obtain an oyster in game use a crab pot or look on the beach).

Watch the trailer for Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch here.


Next up is the rather gritty The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This game series is based on the fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, but it’s also widely known because of the Netflix series. This next instalment continues to follow Geralt, the monster slaying, human trolling Witcher. He will have you battling monsters using magic, and trying to discover the truth behind the wild hunt. This game has an impressive open world environment, with vast swamp and forest areas detailed by amazing graphics. In addition, awesome music scores and epic cutscenes put you right into Geralt’s shoes. It’s nice to see that your actions impact the game’s ending, producing multiple different outcomes based on how you chose to play. This truly makes each play-through unique. If you purchase the complete edition then the game included every piece of DLC released for the game, including 'Hearts of Stone' and 'Blood and Wine'. What makes this so great for Nintendo Switch is that you can take it on the move. Being able to play anywhere with no wires or cables makes enjoying The Witcher even easier. So catch a ride with Roach and battle everything from drowners to humans alike - just remember to use the right sword!

Watch the trailer for Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher here.


Lastly let’s talk about the hard hitting fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This amazing crossover brings you characters from all areas of Nintendo and beyond. You can play as Ike from Fire Emblem, Ryu from Street Fighter, the list goes on! It’s not just the standard battle mode that’s fun though - there’s a wealth of entertainment found in the mob smash game modes, such as trying to defeat 100 enemies in the quickest time! One awesome but slightly amusing element is dressing your Mii up as one of the fighters and battling other characters. The introduction of the spirit board makes for some fun battles too - just fight and release those trapped spirits! Overall, this game is definitely a great addition to the Smash Bros line up. With plenty of characters and stages to choose from, it will keep everyone happy, so it’s time to dust off the Samus suit and launch launch launch!

Watch the trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch here.


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