• Libby Berman

Solvi: A Body-Positive Solution

Affordable, quality jewellery with a focus on body positivity

Image: Solvi

After losing my full time job during COVID like so many young women, I knew that it was time to embrace my creative side, and test the waters of small business ownership. Solvi Jewellery was born as a way to introduce affordable, quality jewellery into an industry known for incredibly high markups.

As any small business owner will tell you, running a brand is exceptionally tough. On top of the day to day orders, marketing and finances, you're competing against a range of brands with bigger budgets, more followers and – crucially - more time. I found that, while my love for running a business was growing, my own mental health was dwindling. I am now back at my full time job, so making time for Solvi is becoming an even bigger challenge. It's often said that ideas come to you when you stop looking for them, and such was the case. I realised that the original Solvi no longer mirrored my story. So, Solvi 2.0 was born, more me, more genuine.

After months of research, designing and rebranding, Solvi's ethos shifted. Still with the original aim of providing affordable jewellery I decided to focus on tokens of self love, inclusivity and empowerment. Alongside this, I wanted to give back to those struggling with the same troubles I faced, so I resolved that 10% of all sales would go to a UK based mental health charity.

On top of highlighting mental health recovery, I wanted to target the source of these issues. Having grown up with social media throughout my teen years I know how incredibly destructive it can be; not only for mental, but physical health too. Picture perfect bodies, faces and smiles are constantly thrown at us- it can be incredibly hard to get a grip on what's real. Body positivity activists are now becoming more prevalent, and I knew that my work would encompass these incredible individuals too. I decided to start reaching out to the communities that value self love and acceptance, as much as myself.

Now, having worked with body positivity influencers, 'skin-influencers' and those fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, I can safely say I know I've chosen the right path. So many young women and men are growing up with twisted views of how they should look, dress and act and it's time to put a stop to it, through our individual projects and activism.