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Review: Years & Years Goes Solo in New Track ‘Starstruck’

Here's what we think of Years & Years' latest single and why we're so excited for what's coming next for Olly Alexander.

Listen to 'Starstruck' here.


Years & Years has released a new track, ‘Starstruck’, this week. This release comes after the British synthpop band took to Instagram to confirm to fans that they will no longer be a trio, but in fact will continue as a solo project in the form of lead singer Olly Alexander. What we understand about the split is that the group are still on good terms and that Mikey Goldsworthy will still play concerts as part of the band. If you’re wondering about Emre Türkmen then he will be, according to the announcement, focussing on writing and producing music.

The Instagram post in which Years & Years announced its split.


However, what has got fans excited is that, as well as the new single, a new album has been confirmed with Olly continuously teasing us on his Instagram. The single is called ‘Starstruck’ and came out on 8th April.

An Instagram post by Olly Alexander teasing his new music.


This new Years & Years track has had everyone excited and after constant teasers on social media it’s finally here! It brings with it the same Years & Years gleam and feel good energy we’ve come to enjoy.

‘Shine’, the third track from the album Communion, was the first Years & Years song I heard, and I am still obsessed with it now.

The mix of Olly’s heartfelt lyrics, which paint a picture of being overwhelmed by love, and the incredible synth-pop instrumentation go together incredibly.

Listen to Years & Years' album Communion on Spotify.


Some other highlight tracks from Years & Years’ discography for me are ‘King’ and ‘Desire’ from Communion, and ‘Karma’ and ‘If You’re Over Me’ from Palo Santo.

Listen to Years & Years' album Palo Santo on Spotify.


Years & Years has an impressive body of work that I am a huge fan of, and that’s why I, along with countless others, was extremely excited to hear the new single.

‘Starstruck’ captures a very real and magical moment in life: being so truly captivated by someone that you can’t pull yourself away, making it similar in message to ‘Shine’, which I love for its upbeat presentation of falling in love. ’Starstruck’ as much about self love as it is anything else. Using the TikTok teaser, which was released before the entire single, fans were encouraged to show themselves in their best light, so perhaps the song is trying to get fans to see the star within them.

The track is three and a half minutes of pure banger! The narrative of the song takes us from initially meeting someone and instantly fancying them to not being able to give them up, and this change in emotion plays on the idea of how quickly you can go from just liking someone to not wanting to let them go, something I (and most likely anyone who’s been in love) can relate to. I’ve definitely experienced this feeling with my fiancée. It’s clear that Olly wants us to take control and seize what we want, not being ashamed of this and just jumping in with both feet.

Olly Alexander has become an icon, tearing into the pop scene with messages of positivity and love. Years & Years as a trio gained success quickly after first appearing on the music scene, and this song is bound to have fans begging for more solo Olly. It’s a phenomenal listen and like me I’m sure it will have you starstruck.

Years and Years has not released a new album since their second studio album Palo Santo in 2018. This album came three years after their debut Communion which landed in 2015, so could there be a three yearly pattern going on here, with their third album set to come out in 2021?

It was revealed in an interview with NME that Years and Years had scrapped a new album when the COVID pandemic arrived. It seems that the virus had not only disrupted the group’s time together but had also sent them in different directions. Currently, we’re not yet too sure if Mikey and Emre are completely detached from Years and Years. It would be interesting to know the contents of the scrapped album, and if it had been fully formed, but after nearly a three year gap between Palo Santo and this upcoming album, and the amazing quality of ‘Starstruck', I think we can expect good things.


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