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Review: Sunbeam Naturals

Lavande reviews natural body care company Sunbeam Naturals.

Image source: Sunbeam Naturals

Image source: Sunbeam Naturals

Sunbeam Naturals is a body care brand owned by two sisters, Ashleigh and Hollie from Cheshire. Their products are 100% natural and handmade, making them a sustainable and healthy alternative to skincare products that are packed with chemicals and mass produced. When the brand agreed to send us some of their products to try out, we just couldn’t turn it down!

Sunbeam Naturals gifted a Hug Body Butter, a Solis Scrub Bar and some Lavender Bath Salts to Lavande to try out. We were immediately struck by how beautiful the packaging was - everything was so nicely wrapped up, showing that so much care had clearly gone into the production and the packing of the products.

The three products we got from Sunbeam Naturals make the perfect package for a self care pamper evening. We would recommend running a hot bath with a handful of the bath salts, then treating your skin to a good exfoliate with the scrub bar while in the bath, then moisturising it with the body butter when you come out.


1. Bath Salts | Relaxing Lavender, £8.50

Image source: Sunbeam Naturals

The lavender bath salts truly felt like such a treat. Everyone wants to experience a bath filled with rose petals and gorgeously relaxing scents, and that’s exactly what the product provides. This was definitely our favourite scent of the products we tried (we are Lavande after all, so how could it not be?!) and it definitely had a relaxing effect that was much needed after a long day of work.


2. Solis Scrub & Moisturise Bar, £9.00

Image source: Sunbeam Naturals

This product is strongly scented, which some people with sensitive skin may normally shy away from, but knowing that all of the scents are completely natural should put your mind at rest if you have delicate skin. There’s nothing harmful here! This soap works well for a pamper night in the bath, as we have suggested, or perhaps you could keep it on your sink to treat your hands if they’re feeling particularly dry or in need of a scrub. You could also use it to help get rid of any dead skin on your feet, as that can definitely be a problem for a lot of people over the Winter.


3. Whipped Body Butter Topped with a Smoky Quartz Crystal | Hug Scent, £16.50

Image source: Sunbeam Naturals

Sunbeam Naturals’ idea of the ‘Hug’ is lovely - you can send these products to anyone in the UK with free postage until the end of lockdown, which is such a nice touch to spread love and positivity in such a disconnected time. The Body Butter is gorgeously whipped and comes in a jar with a gorgeously decorated lid (the sisters make all of these individually by hand) so it does feel like a real treat and would make such a lovely gift. It also comes with a piece of quartz, which is another lovely idea to promote natural healing and relaxation.


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