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Review: Scrubbee

Lavande reviews skincare brand Scrubbee, which makes sustainable and natural face scrubs.

Image source: Scrubbee

Scrubbee is female-founded, vegan, natural and sustainable - basically everything you could ever want out of a skincare brand! Its products are also insanely affordable, not to mention the free shipping provided on all items with no minimum spend. Sustainable beauty has never been so accessible, and we're here for it.

What makes Scrubbee's products so unique is that they are all completely coffee-based. With a focus on up cycling, Scrubbee repurposes coffee that would otherwise go to waste by turning it into amazing scrubs. They also provide products for the four main skin types: dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

Image source: Scrubbee

Scrubbee sent Lavande their face scrub for sensitive skin for us to try out for ourselves, and we were very impressed. Containing apricot and safflower oil, the scrub felt exfoliating yet moisturising, and managed to provide a lovely, subtle scent while still feeling nice and mild and not smelling too strongly of coffee. Unlike some other scrubs from other brands, this one didn't feel irritating at all, and made the skin feel very fresh and smooth after use, with a bright glow that can sometimes be hard to achieve from unnatural products. This scrub is perfect to use once or twice a week to give your skin a treat. Why not use it at bath time and follow up with a face mask for an evening of self care? Don't forget to use the wooden spatula that comes with your scrub to give it a good stir first!

An Instagram post by Scrubbee that sums up the power of self care!


Aside from the quality of the actual product, the reasonable price point and the fact that the packaging is just a dream, what makes the experience of using a Scrubbee product even better is the knowledge that it's great for the environment. As the beauty industry has a reputation for being unethical due to practices like animal testing, it's so refreshing to see a brand trying its best to turn this around. Scrubbee describes itself as "purpose driven not profit driven" and it's clear to see that the brand genuinely cares about making change in the beauty industry and breaking from the norm of unsustainable products, especially through its focus on being ocean friendly with no micro plastics. Scrubbee even has a blog dedicated to providing resources on affordable sustainable shopping, beauty trends and more.

Treat yourself to a Scrubbee coffee scrub - we promise your skin will thank you.


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