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Review: LUSH Skincare

A household name in the beauty community, LUSH makes skincare that smells like cakes. But is it good for your skin?

I have bought more than seven jars of LUSH's Angels on Bare Skin – it truly has become a must in my skincare routine. Although it was created as a cleanser, I use it as a face scrub. My skin is very sensitive and when I went into LUSH looking for a scrub that wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin, the sales assistant handed me this jar that smelled like a cake and, thanks to that scent, I was sold. Angels on Bare Skin has ground almonds in it, which is the ingredient that exfoliates, and lavender, rose and chamomile oils, which soothe the skin. Whenever I use it I can immediately see the difference with my face going from dull to bright and soft.

Due to the love I had for this cleanser turned scrub, I wanted to test other LUSH products. At that time I was trying to get rid of acne hyper-pigmentation and scarring and this became my main focus when shopping for skincare products.

So, I threw myself into the world of face masks and bought three: Mask of Magnaminty, The Birth of Venus and Catastrophe Cosmetic. After an intense workout, I use The Birth of Venus but it seems like LUSH have discontinued it. Mask of Magnaminty has grounded aduki beans to remove dead skin, and honey, which is antimicrobial and perfect for acne-prone skin like mine. It also has a strong scent of mint, which I know is not for everyone. The mask is sage coloured and as soon as you put it on you get this intense fresh feeling that lingers on the skin long after the mask has been washed off. For me, this mask and the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser are two of the best products LUSH has made.

Sleepy Face contains oat milk and lavender oil which feels very oily on the skin but makes for the perfect makeup remover. It’s not harsh to apply at all and it's sold without a package like many other LUSH products, but because it’s so oily and it’s something that gets used every day it collects dirt very easily. So before using it I had to remove the dirt.

After some years of trial and error with LUSH, I believe it to be a great company that truly cares about the environment. LUSH has so many great products, you just need to find what works best for you – and I have no doubt that you will!


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