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Review: 'Interference (Of Light)' by Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner is back with a brand new album, Interferance (Of Light), released August 20. The 17- track album comes four years after his last studio album. Interference (Of Light) is a project that was created during lockdown, and the extra time allocated due to restrictions, has allowed for the revelation of some new and previously unexplored styles.

The album opens with Quick Sand, opening with percussive drums, before introducing the guitar, and lastly Faulkner's beautiful voice. I particularly liked the harmonies of the "Ooh," along with when the song opens up and allows for the guitar to have its moment. The song instantly makes me want to get up and dance along.

Cage opens up with the gentle plucking of the guitar, before giving way for a more fuller repetition of the opening notes. Faulkner's wonderfully soft voice comes in shortly after, singing about the boundaries of "our cage." Again, it's a song that I personally can't help sing along to. The underlying message in Cage is if you stay put, you are staying within the boundaries of your cage. The song is about breaking free from this 'cage.'

Here Tonight is more acoustic based than the rest of the songs on the album. A stark contrast, but one that is welcome, with only the acoustics of Faulkner's guitar accompanying his stunning vocals. Here Tonight is a song about love and life, and how we may not be "here forever, but we're here tonight." The only deviation away from the vocals and the guitar, is the soft vocals harmonizing in the end, which tie the song up stunningly.

I Can Pretend is another beautiful blend of the upbeat guitar strumming, and Faulkners wonderful voice, followed by the cymbals of the drums. Faulkner speaks of how he looks in all kinds of places for love, and it can be found anywhere.

Together was the first single released prior to the album, in June and the opening creates a sort of bluesy effect. This song gives me a very 'late night bar' vibe. I could imagine it being played in a movie where a couple are drinking, and enjoying each others company, in an almost empty bar which is nearing closing time. At first I'm not sure if I'm vibing with this song, in all honesty, but as soon as the chorus comes, and Faulkner chimes in with the repetitive "Together, together, together," I have decided I adore this song.

Ache for You is another quite different song, highlighting the various genres and styles jam packed into each individual song, but in the album as a whole. There's a bit of everything in Ache for You, the song it begins off with really develops into something completely different. Opening with a slow- paced guitar, and piano enunciating Faulkner's words, but quickly opening up to something more up tempo, including harmonizing, and the drums.

Interference (F@&ck I think it's love) is the closing track in this album, and along with the rest of the songs does not disappoint. Though, the song is very full in terms of including the drums and guitar, it still feels very stripped back, and raw. The music merely accompanies the vocals of Faulkner, and doesn't overpower the vocals in question.

Faulkner blends his old style, with his new skillset, and creates a wonderful album in this. Though, tackling love and heartache, it still creates a perfect album to have on in the background going about your daily tasks, to create an upbeat aura. It's hard to choose a definitive favourite, however, I Can Pretend is definitely a top contender.


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