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Review: Indoor Foxes Releases New Single ‘Mr Yellow Eyes’

If you're looking for some new music, we'd recommend checking out Indoor Foxes!

Image source: Blair Alexander

Edinburgh-based indie singer-songwriter Indoor Foxes is back with a slightly more mature sound. ‘Mr. Yellow Eyes’ is another self-produced single from the artist, who teamed up with fellow Scottish producer, Scott Maxwell, once again.

Fans of Indoor Foxes’ earlier single Peach Stone will be impressed. She’s done it again, reinforcing her signature grungy guitar sounds within the song along with tongue in cheek lyrics.

When speaking about the new single Indoor Foxes (also known as Martha Barr) said it was a letter to her father about her partner.

“I’m looking back to my family for advice on how to make this relationship work,” she says.

In the song, Indoor Foxes can be seen pleading to her family for tips on how to stay with her lover. “I wanted to talk about how it feels to watch something so beautiful start to feel so heavy and to acknowledge that I don’t know what I’m doing,” she explains.

The song opens with the classic indie sound, a gentle guitar strum with drums increasing the tempo, Indoor Foxes comes in confidently, “Apologise...” Though the tempo is quite upbeat, the lyrics are more reflective, with the chorus beginning, “But now his yellow eyes are green,” and continuing, “He is so many miles away…”

The song can be interpreted as being about jealousy and the singer’s attempt at dealing with her jealous partner whom she so clearly loves.

She pleads with her family for advice in dealing with her partner. She longs for them to love her as much as she loves them. She turns to her mother saying, “Tell me something to memorise,” perhaps asking her mother for advice or to take her mind off the pain she may be enduring.

As the song ends, the tempo and sound levels of the accompanying music decrease, which allow listeners to appreciate the soft indie sound that drips from Indoor Foxes’ voice.


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