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Review: Fresh

Sebastian Stan's performance as a horrifying cannibal is incredible

Image: Fresh

Trigger warning: cannibalism and date-rape

Fresh, directed by Mimi Cave, follows Steve (Sebastian Stan) and Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones). After meeting in the fruit aisle and bonding over cotton-candy grapes, Noa takes a risk and goes on a date with Steve. Since her love life has taken a bit of a turn for the worse, Steve is just the good-looking and charming surgeon she hopes will sweep her off her feet. However, it is not all quite as it seems. After a few incredible dates, Steve offers to take Noa away, to which she happily agrees. However, Steve is actually a cannibal, holding women in cells and selling their meat to the world's elite. Keeping them alive so the meat is "fresher," Steve uses his surgical skills to earn thousands of pounds. After a lot of struggle, Noa convinces Steve she loves him and uses the small amount of freedom she gains to escape with the other women.

Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones have chemistry that is undeniable in this film. Despite Stan playing a cannibal, it is difficult to deny his incredible performance. Not only does he convincingly play his character, but he channels a charming nature that forces viewers to be lulled into a false sense of security. Meanwhile, Edgar-Jones is able to highlight genuine fears of modern women - stalking and dape-rape - and does so with tact and brutal honesty. Moments of pain, fear, struggle and sadness allow for Noa's story to be portrayed and make the film relatable whilst being entirely absurd.

Fresh uses a seemingly ambiguous timeframe through costume and set; however, the general aesthetic of the film is beautiful. From incredible homes to sweeping forest-scapes, the setting and aesthetic create a sense of isolation and decadence, aspects that disturbingly fit the film's theme perfectly.

An arguably harrowing film, it does not make easy viewing. However, there is something about the film that makes you want to watch, even if it is through your fingers; I enjoyed watching it with fear and excitement. I would highly recommend it (if you aren't squeamish), but I definitely will not watch it again for a while.

So, be cautious when you go to watch this film. It isn't just a romance with Sebastian Stan, it is much much more.


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