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Review: Earthy Nail Polish

Lavande reviews natural beauty brand Earthy Nail Polish

Image: Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Nail Polish makes some of our favourite nail polishes - they're stylish, environment-friendly and vegan.

Image: Earthy Nail Polish

We tried out the Here Comes The Sun collection. The collection comes with a selection of four ultra-fresh colours for Spring, all with a beautifully shiny finish. The Dreamy Peach shade is our favourite, but all of them are stunning!

As well as seasonal collections, Earthy Nail Polish also has two charity products: the Stop Hate UK collection donates 25 per cent from each sale to the charity Stop Hate UK to help challenge all forms of hate crime, and the Thank You Heroes Collection donates £7.99 of every pack sold to NHS charities.

Image: Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Nail Polish also sells its shades individually.

Buying and using vegan nail polish will place focus on making your nail condition and appearance healthier, as well as getting rid of the long-term chemical exposure that's caused by chemicals present in conventional nail polish formulas.

Best of all, you can send your empty bottles and caps back to Earthy Nail Polish to minimise waste and allow them to be reused.


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