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Review: Drops of Delicacy Jewellery

Lavande reviews small Etsy business Drops of Delicacy.

Image source: Jaime Cook

If you’re looking for beautiful wire jewellery, we would highly recommend Drops of Delicacy. They make gorgeous custom jewellery in a wide array of styles and sizes to suit anyone at affordable prices.

At Lavande, we’ve been focusing a lot on supporting small businesses during lockdown, and if you love the kind of dainty jewellery that’s been popular on Instagram recently, Drops of Delicacy is the perfect small Etsy shop for you. They regularly have sales on, with discounts that mean you can get already affordable jewellery at even better prices. You can also get Drops of Delicacy wherever you are in the world, as they ship internationally.

Using wire and gemstones like amazonite, amethyst and citrine, Drops of Delicacy pieces have a unique look - simple and delicate, but with a pop of colour and sparkle brought from the gemstone.

An Instagram post by Drops of Delicacy showing their range of gemstones.


Lavande was lucky enough to be gifted some Drops of Delicacy jewellery to try out for ourselves, and so we can confirm that it is extremely stunning. The rings are true to the sizes we requested and look beautiful layered or worn individually. Drops of Delicacy also sent a pair of sparkly dangle earrings which are really fun and would definitely add some interest to any outfit!

As you would expect from wire jewellery, they are very dainty and delicate which looks gorgeous, but does mean you have to take some extra care when taking the rings on and off. Make sure not to pull by the gemstones when taking rings off just to make sure they stay securely in place.

With such reasonable prices and great, handmade quality, we would fully recommend that you check out Drops of Delicacy if you’re looking for some new jewellery, or a beautiful gift for a loved one.


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