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Rescript Your Life!

Life coach Bhavya Arora discusses ways you can rescript your life to ensure you are fulfilled

A life which is not on your terms and beliefs is a life that leaves you exhaustingly breathless – stuck!

I wondered, "What's the meaning of living my life on my own terms and beliefs?"

Each one of us has our own version of - 'living life on my own terms.' This resonates differently for people. There is no right or wrong version. It's like chalk and cheese!

For some it means, leading a purposeful life. Others, a life with depth and space to expand. A life intune with values. For few, a life empowering them with freedom of expression. A life where they can overcome emotions which are holding them back. A life in which they can replace old habits and make space for new patterns. Or a life of being constantly on the move.

'Living on your terms and beliefs,' it’s a place from where you can confidently release certain chapters of your life, people, situations and emotions which have not supported you in enjoying a healthy mindset. Rewrite and introduce new chapters. The ones that matter to you, which make your life exciting, rewarding, accomplished whilst setting boundaries, being more in control emotionally and balanced.However, this motivation has to come from you. You alone can do this magic for yourself.

You too can live the life you truly yearn,desire and want, however the urge to reshape your life has to outnumber all the ifs and buts you have.

I am a Professional Certified Coach, and my individual and group coaching shows people how to fill the gaps in their life and feel fulfilled - thriving while staying in a balanced life. I also run workshops teaching people how to overcome emotions that are holding them back, to have a healthy mindset that allows them to reach their potential. Here are my tips for rescripting your life.


My life purpose?

Your life purpose is what you truly want from your life. They are your passions and desires. The reason you wake up every morning no matter what. The very essence of your existence. Ask yourself – ‘’Is my purpose aligned with my life?"


The ‘why’ in my life?

In order to find your 'Why' you have to discover your roots of inspiration. We are born with an infinite supply of motivation and creativity,so it’s time you unleash it. Quiz your actions, confront your every move, probe into your thought process even deeper. This will lead in creating a new awareness, and you will start to gain some clarity and focus around your 'why.' Once you know your why, that’s your power bank! Great place to start making decisions.



Ask yourself when was the last time you forgave others and yourself. The act of forgiving liberates you, it is a kind of peace that enables you to move forward guilt free. A burden removed from your shoulders.


My future

The future is the unknown. However, shedding some light how you like to see yourself 3 years ahead, will enable you to have a structure, a plan that will support your journey.


What impact do I want to have on others and me?

Imagine if you had just one chance to make a difference in people's life in such a way that it would be changed forever, this was your only chance, what impact would you like to have on everyone. What experience would that bring to them and you?


Let go!

Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of the need to be busy non stop. Let go of the people who pull you down. Let go of emotions holding you back. Let go of the need to be a constant pleaser. Let go of your ego. Let go of the past. Let go of anything that makes you trapped.


Finally, you can live a life on your terms.

With this new found freedom of So,sensuren of thought, speech and action you can start writing new chapters and find new happiness

The power to choose is in you. So, ensure you make the choices which elevate you in life, which resonate with you. Our choices dictate our mindset, thought and behaviour patterns. So choose wisely, take your time, there is no rush and nothing to prove to anyone.

This is your life so make it matter for you! Make yourself the main character and take the centre stage.


Find out more about Bhavya's work at forwardfocuslondon.com or email: bhavya@forwardfocuslondon.com.


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