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Matt Mason of DMA's: "The UK definitely has the most passionate music fans"

Aditi Rane interviews DMA's guitarist Matt Mason.

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After the success of their third studio album, The Glow, and the release of a Worldwide Online Concert over the global pandemic, Lavande caught up with DMA’s guitarist Matt Mason.

What song are you looking forward to playing live from The Glow?

'Silver''s pretty fun to play, a song called 'Strangers' will be good too. When we released our album, we didn't get to really perform it. A big part of releasing an album is getting to go out and perform it, so we kind of missed out on that. So we also really want to play our new songs for people.

Where did the idea come from to do the Worldwide Online Concert?

I don't know where the idea came from. I think we just filmed the gig because it was the biggest show that we've done in London, and we just wanted to film it. The fact that it was the last show that we would play for so long, and we had it filmed was a great coincidence, because we could broadcast it. It was great that we had that sort of footage. Almost spooky, you know?

What was it like going into lockdown for you?

We did a lot of like little Zoom songwriting sessions, we did some Instagram Live shows

where we went on Instagram Live and sang for a bit, that kind of thing, just online content. We're not very good at that but we tried for a little bit.

What are some good things that came out of lockdown for you?

Some really good collaborations, a lot of people were stuck at home, so they are getting a bit crazy and reaching out to people that they, usually wouldn’t have reached out to. So there's like a lot of cross-genre. I've been making a lot of music with rap artists and punk artists and stuff that I usually wouldn't have time to do so. I think you're gonna see over the next year or so a lot of musical collaborations that have been written with sort of different artists from different worlds that were just stuck in the same city that haven't made music together.

It has also been great for a lot of touring artists like mentally and physically and the times that like, if you're touring it's very unhealthy. You're often jetlagged, not eating great, drinking, partying, and that can sort of take a toll. So it was good to have time off and to reset in that regard, be at home with loved ones and not be being psychos on the road.

I’ve seen that you guys have mentioned various different inspirations for your music with Britpop, American pop and even country adding to the setlist. I was just wondering if you have found new inspirations during lockdown or whether you have gone back to your old roots to create new music in the past year?

It has not changed much. We always kind of write songs with Americana in mind. And then Tommy comes in sings over it with his voice, and it kind of sounds like Britpop. That’s the kind of formula that we’ve got.

In a 2019 interview with Radio X, you said you were creating a tattoo gun, how is that going?

I had to throw that out, it was getting a bit too much. It had to go in the bin, it was dangerous. But my girlfriend got new needles so there may be a resurgence of that, but at least we won’t be drinking while tattooing this time.

Have you picked up any new interests or hobbies over the pandemic?

I've just started playing different musical instruments, I bought a ukulele, I bought a new cello. I used to play the cello but I was never that good so I bought another and I've been practising.

Is there anything about UK fans that you think is different from other fans?

The UK definitely has the most passionate music fans. The crowds are crazy, at a festival, it doesn't matter if it's raining, they still go out and it will be packed. They also get there really early. In Australia at gigs, there is no one watching the support bands. Even if it’s a really big venue, people in the UK people get there early, they get there as soon as the doors open, which I think says something about how much they like music.


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