• Loll

Kitten Teeth

You've got kitten teeth

and you are nibbling

trying to whittle in

to what I hold beneath

but you have only got kitten teeth.

Beneath my skin is galaxies

chocolate waves embody me

Scars are only paper thin

upon the surface but within

They're thick as bathroom porcelain

and mark me for every sin

That has been imparted upon me


What makes me me and makes me tick is different

Or is it

Have we all grown up with some kind of trauma as a kid

That colours us imperfect

But perfectly indifferent

I am purple and green northern lights bouncing off my insides

as my inner child

covers her eyes and hides

She still

Hides within and pretends to sleep

While monsters cover her in hand prints

Show me on the dolly where he left an imprint

Not guilty. Lack of evidence.

I am the centre of humbug mints

I am chocolate limes and beach foot prints

I am Goosebumps books and HMV finds

I am red vines and dolls hair intwined

Honey dew melons and tonic wines

I am beautiful despite

my inner child's demise

And that is my cloud's silver line.


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