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How to Get a Free Whopper From Burger King

Claim your free Whopper or plant-based option at Burger King

Image: John Margolies

Earlier this month, Burger King's German arm fired up social media users after it included hamburgers covered with ice cream and strawberries in a menu at one of its Berlin restaurants, but now, the fast food chain has a new marketing strategy up its sleeve.

Image: Cylex

The Whopper launched back in 1957, and Burger King says that it sells 2.1 billion every year. Burger King's well known beef Whopper, normally at a price of £5.49, includes a flame-grilled patty, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickle, mayonnaise and ketchup, in a big, squishy bun.

To commemorate Brits' love of the hamburger, tomorrow you can get one free. Burger King chief marketing officer Katie Evans said: "This Whopper Day, we hope the nation will join us in enjoying a legendary Whopper."

Brits can get a standard beef Whopper burger or a plant-based one completely free of charge tomorrow as Burger King relaunches its annual 'Whopper Day' offer, however vegetarians and vegans should know that the plant-based Whopper is usually cooked on the same broiler as Burger King's meat burgers.

All customers have to do to redeem a Whopper is download and log in to the restaurant's Burger King app. The deal is obtainable for one day only, meaning you will have to move fast to avoid missing out. However, more positive news for Whopper fans is that you can get a £1.99 Whopper all year round, every Wednesday.


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