• Bridie Adams

How to Find Affordable Dupes for High End Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I defo can’t afford to splash the cash on anything Gucci or Prada RN. Here are some alternative ideas.

If you’re wanting to get the designer look for less, dupes are the way to go. Often confused with counterfeit products, which are essentially fake versions of a product that illegally imitate the label and exact design at a much cheaper price, dupes are completely legal products without a fake designer label, that are simply a similar design to a more expensive product.

A lot of people turn to Amazon or eBay when they’re after a dupe, but if you decide to do this then make sure to be wary that you’re not unknowingly buying a counterfeit product, which are usually poor quality and don't tend to last long.

Instead, you could take a look at popular sites like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. These stores are all well known for their affordable price points, but can offer some really chic items that mirror the designs of expensive brands.

If you’re not a fan of these cheaper fast fashion brands, you could consider purchasing designer items that fall at a lower end of the price scale. For example, brands like Coach, Dooney and Bourke and Kate Spade are all known to be lower priced designer brands - so you can get the label and the quality for a slightly cheaper price than other high end brands.


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