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How To Be Stylish Yet Comfy 24/7

A guide on how to feel put together even while staying (and working) at home during lockdown days.

Image source: Emily Tuck

Over the past year we have re-evaluated loungewear and there’s no denying it. Before the pandemic it was seen as something to be frowned upon, as something you’d wear when you were feeling lazy or didn’t have much going on. It was the typical outfit for a Saturday night spent at home, or the Sunday morning uniform, but, since March 2020, loungewear is what we’ve been wearing every day, even to Zoom work or to Zoom university. Here are some ways of styling loungewear that we think would go well with any and every lockdown activity.

The alarm goes off. It’s 7:30am - time to get ready for work. Rolling out of bed, the first thing to do is to change into something comfy but at the same time professional – after all, who wants to be seen in their PJs during a Zoom meeting? So why not opt for a comfy high neck sweater paired with equally comfy fine knitted trousers, or maybe a cute baby blue cardigan with a strappy top underneath, to match the colour of the fast-approaching spring skies.

After the last meeting of the day, it's time to hop into something even more comfortable to read a book or binge watch the latest Netflix show. Just change into some sweats! We recommend a colourful tracksuit bottom and leopard print slippers. If you're not in the mood for colours, a soft, neutral sweatshirt and dusty pink bottoms can be the ideal pair.

7pm is near, and so are the virtual drinks with friends. So, throw on an outfit that's comfortable yet cute and more appropriate for sipping homemade cocktails or a glass of wine! To match the silky feel of a good glass of red wine, wear a black slip dress and dress it up with a pair of gold earrings. If a minidress is too much, then a satin pyjama top and bottoms should do the trick.

We hope that these ideas can liven up your days and evenings at home!


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