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Galentine's: How to Celebrate Friendship this Valentine's Day

Looking for some fun ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with your besties? We've got you covered.

Whether you’re a single Pringle or in a happy relationship, there’s no reason why Valentine's has to be all about romantic love. Your friends are the ones who stick by you through thick and thin -through the bad first dates, the messy breakups and the frustrating fights with your boyfriend or girlfriend - so on February 14th this year, why not celebrate with your mates? Here are five fun, COVID-friendly ways to spend 'Galentine's Day' this year.


1. Fun quizzes

Right, before you immediately click off this article, I’m not talking about boring general knowledge quizzes where the most exciting question is one about flags. We’ve all had enough of those recently, so let’s give the lockdown quiz a rebrand. If you have some banging topics, then a quiz really is a lot of fun. My personal favourites include:

  • Loveofhuns round: If you don’t follow this iconic Instagram page, then quite frankly, what are you doing with your life? In this quiz round, use screenshots of iconic British ‘hun’ moments and get your friends to write down the catchphrase to match the image. For example, a picture of Gemma Collins in the Big Brother house would need the caption: ‘I’M CLAUSTROPHOBIC, DARREN!’

  • Fill in the Tinder bio: Get on Tinder and have a swipe through. Add any ridiculous bios into your quiz PowerPoint and take out some of the words. The aim of this round is for your mates to fill in the blanks. You get to do a fun quiz and complain about men at the same time -- what more could you want?

  • Who wrote it?: This is my absolute favourite. Whoever is quiz master for this round needs to scroll back on all your friends' social media profiles to find the cringiest Instagram captions or Facebook status updates. The rest of you have to try and guess which one of you wrote the cringy caption. This round provides the perfect opportunity for roasting your mates (you’re welcome!)

A Loveofhuns Instagram post featuring everyone's fave Love Island winner, Amber Rose Gill.


2. PowerPoint night

You have probably seen this trend on TikTok or Instagram. Essentially, you and your friends take it in turns to present a PowerPoint. The topics should ideally be fairly ridiculous and/or funny. For example: rating your exes from 1-10, ranking all your friends' worst night-out decisions, top five reasons why you will marry Harry Styles, or why High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece. You get the drift -- the crazier the better.


3. Crafternoon

There is something immensely relaxing about sipping a glass of wine, chatting to your friends and painting. Grab some cheap paints online and go crazy! If you want to make the vibes more fun and upbeat rather than chilled and relaxed, turn it into a competition. Choose a judge, a theme (e.g. dogs) and set a time limit. You could even turn it into a drinking game- - all the losers have to drink, or the winner could give out sips. Go wild - it’s Galentine's Day after all.


4. Pamper day

The obvious option, of course! Lockdown is the perfect time to give yourself some serious selfcare. Gather your mates (whether that’s in your bubble or on Zoom), put on a lovely, relaxing sheet mask, light some candles and paint your nails. Pamper days are always better with a cheesy film on in the background, and personally I’d recommend the iconic Wild Child, or maybe Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging if you want a hit of nostalgia. Make use of Netflix Party if you’re doing this virtually, and you’re good to go.


5. Virtual escape room

If you want something a little different to do with your mates, try an escape room. These are pretty easy to make -- all you need to do is create clues on PowerPoint and set up breakout rooms on Zoom. There are plenty of guides online if you want some help setting it all up. You could also make it Valentine's themed to be extra topical.


There you have it - five fun Galentine's ideas that can be done in-person or virtually. Have a wonderful day!


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