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4 Easy and Fun Ways to Stay Fit During Lockdown

Wondering how to maintain an effective workout routine at home? Here's some inspiration.

Staying fit in lockdown may be the last thing on your mind but the benefits of exercise are essential for making it through these unprecedented times. As someone who only joined a gym for the first time just before lockdown started, their closure has really thrown me. The routine and gains I had made had been thrown out of the window and I was left feeling unmotivated and sluggish. That was until I picked myself up out of my slump and got back to it. Working out at home really is not the most ideal situation but that does not mean you can't make it fun and truly see results! Here is a little guide to home workouts (with or without equipment).


1. Use YouTube

On YouTube, there are thousands of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, weighted workouts or even skipping workouts for you to get into. Find one that you enjoy and keep going. It's a great idea to mix up which ones you do, allowing you to work different muscle groups and work on both strength and cardio. I find mixing it up helps immensely but repeating one a couple of times every week (normally a HIIT) allows me to see my progress through it getting easier and being able to do it for longer. Seeing progress really does keep you motivated!

A few notable channels are: The Body Coach TV (of course Joe Wicks is first on the list!), MadFit, Chloe Ting, POPSUGAR Fitness.

One of MadFit's HIIT workout videos.


2. Use Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most useful things for me during lockdown. Following fitness influencers who also post their workouts not only motivates you to do one yourself but also gives ideas for your own workouts. Whether you have weights, resistance bands, a couple of tins of beans or nothing at all, Instagram will have a fitness influencer with inspiration for you!

A few notable accounts are: @mollyharveyfitness, @jennaprivett, @kk_fit_, @meggangrubb, @whitneyysimmons.

A workout post by @mollyharveyfitness.


3. Come up with a routine

Coming up with a routine and sticking to it is one of the best ways of staying motivated. Here is an example workout that I love to do:

  • 100 walking lunges (hold extra weight to make it harder!)

  • 60 squats (you can add extra weight or resistance bands if you want)

  • 30 crab walks (with extra weight or resistance bands)

  • 15 press-ups (either on your feet or knees)

  • 25 tricep dips

  • 30 glute bridges with abductions at the top (you could add a resistance band or weight)

  • 20 crunches

  • 20 heel taps

  • 20 bicycles

These ideas can work with anything you have, even just some things from your kitchen! Take as many breaks as you need - but you will see yourself getting stronger if you stick to it and take less breaks. I am by no means a personal trainer but all of these things do work your body in some way. You can even just do some of these exercises before or after other workouts you do from YouTube.


4. Get outside

Whether you are doing strength or cardio, get outside! Go for a walk, a run, a cycle. Even just walking to the shops instead of driving makes a difference! Make small changes to your routine to allow you to get outside - not only to improve your physical health but your mental health also.


If you have been reading this thinking, 'Urgh, I need to find the motivation to do this,' take this as a sign, get up and go and do it! We've got this.


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