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Easing of Lockdowns Made Easier for Newton Faulkner Fans

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The easing of lockdowns nationwide is made all the better following the announcement of singer- songwriter Newton Faulkner’s upcoming tours as well as the release of his seventh studio album, Interference (Of Light).

Speaking to Lavande, Faulkner discussed his journey into the music industry, and how he “slowly fell into it.”

Growing up, Faulkner was influenced musically by his father who taught him how to play the songs he knew.

Following piano lessons, and drum lessons, Faulkner reminisces on how his friends started a band, and by process of elimination, he was partnered with the bass guitar.

“I think that’s how most people ended up playing bass,” he jokes, “I bought a bass, and within two weeks was playing a gig.”

A second band that Faulkner was part of growing up covered mainly original material and saw the Surrey native pick up the electric guitar.

“Guitar got me into music,” Faulkner remarks.

Interference (Of Light) will be Faulkner’s seventh studio album, and is scheduled for release August 20, this year.

The first single from the album, TOGETHER, was released in in early June.

“Interference of light, to me, is what happens when light hits oil- it’s not quite a rainbow, but it’s just this weird thing,” commented Faulkner when speaking about the album.

“The world felt so heavy, and dark and terrifying at the time, and this idea of interfering with that constant stream of dark news- it really clicked with something in my brain,” Faulkner notes.

It’s been four years since his last studio album; the longest he’s ever gone between albums, he points out.

“We wanted to make space to make the album- give the album a bit more time.”

This was pre Covid lockdowns, which added extra time onto the release date, a factor completely out of Faulkner, or anyone’s control.

“The album wouldn’t have been the same without that; it did create a very intense, quite maddening situation of me being trapped in this room for an incredible amount of time,” Faulkner recalls on his creating the album during lockdown experience.

Creating an album in lockdown was certainly a psychological challenge for Faulkner, but lockdown also gave him the opportunities to learn.

“I’d time to learn things that I’d never have had the time to learn before,” he notes.

Despite Covid lockdowns Faulkner and his team worked together electronically, using things such as audio movers.

“It’s amazing what you can do when everyone is available,” Faulkner jokes when speaking about his production team.

“The album was written and put together in lockdown, but it’s very much written for how it feels when we come out of it,” Faulkner notes.

As well as the release of Interferance (Of Light) Newton Faulkner has announced not one, but two tours for the second half of 2021.

The first was a series of live gigs for fans in the ‘Socially Distanced Tour’ which kicked off in May in Leeds.

Newton Faulkner also announced a full UK tour, ‘Interference (Of Light) Tour’ which commences October 11 and will be a non- socially distanced tour.

This is the longest Faulkner has gone between gigging for as long as he can remember.

“It’s going to be very intense, especially the first few.

“I’m probably going to be incredibly emotional, because I’m in love with it [touring],” he remarks.

“I want as little to come between me and them as possible,” notes Faulkner.

Interference (Of Light) will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats August 20.

Photo Credits: Stevie Kyle


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