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Amy Armsden: "Writing allows me to unravel my thoughts"

Lavande interviews blogger Amy Armsden.

Image source: Amy Armsden

Amy Armsden, creator of online platform My Honest Mentality, shares content to help her followers feel "heard and validated" through open conversation about mental health. Lavande interviews Amy about mental health, mindfulness and content creation.


Lavande: What made you decide to start your platform?

Amy Armsden: I started My Honest Mentality back in 2016 under a completely different name and it was a secret account. I used it to vent my thoughts but then as time progressed I found the courage to share the link to my personal socials. I revamped my whole blog and titled it My Honest Mentality. I set up the Instagram page and began to use it as an open journal. It became a place to post what I was passionate about. I also grew the confidence to post more about the most vulnerable parts of my journey.

An Instagram post by My Honest Mentality about the role of writing within self development.


L: What are the best online mental health resources?

A: This is a great question! I would say that YouTube and Instagram are both really great resources as there is a lot of information and people who post about mental health and coping mechanisms!

Podcasts are pretty great when you feel you have a connection mentally to the person delivering it. One of my personal favourites is Let’s Get Talking.

Listen to Let's Get Talking here.


L: What are your main tips for mindfulness?

A: Mindfulness has always been a tricky subject for me as an anxious person! It’s also something that is often down to personal preference. Writing allows me to unravel my thoughts and really engage but a lot of people opt for things like meditation.


L: Does sharing mental health content help you with your own mental health?

A: Absolutely! When I first started My Honest Mentality it was like a form of journaling. It helps me because I feel really connected to the people I’m sharing my thoughts with through Instagram. I encourage people to feel heard, seen and supported. All of the people who engage have made me feel less alone in my thoughts.


L: Your Instagram account has grown so quickly! Do you have any tips for engagement on social media?

A: I never in my life thought I would have the following I do. I’m so thankful. I wish I had some tips but I honestly don’t know how I got to this point! I love talking to each and every person who engages with me and I feel I have met some amazing friends.


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