• Jess Steward

A Letter To My Younger Self

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Dear me, circa 2015,

I have a lot to say and I’d hate to be mean,

But a whole lot happens and it’s all kind of rough.

Try not to worry though, you are really quite tough

Life changes a lot and it’s really hard to say

But there’s grief, and loss, and a whole lot of pain.

Yet there are moments of happiness that are completely unrivalled

And it’s all of these times that are essential to your survival.

You take countless exams and pass them all

And you grow even more, sorry yes you're still tall.

You make friends and go to uni, taking it all in your stride

And you know deep down your family are beaming with pride.

It is hard to think that you leave friends behind,

But the ones that you make are doubly as kind.

You make some mistakes but what can you do,

You stay true to yourself and become a better you.

And among all the joy there are moments of sorrow,

Extra minutes with people you wish you could borrow.

The world fights together against COVID-19,

You may not think it possible but you’ll get sick of your phone screen.

You will miss interactions that aren’t over zoom

But the time to yourself will give you the chance you need to bloom.

You’ll take up the gym but end up locked down,

But that is ok because you learn not to frown.

You find happiness in the little things and find a true love,

And you discover there are a lot of things that you’re proud of.

You spend days finding ways to fill your time,

Making an attempt to not waste your prime.

But luckily you thrive despite moments of struggle

and learn nothing is more powerful than a love filled snuggle.

It is hard to tell you that life isn’t easy

And I am really trying to make this less cheesy.

But ultimately you get stronger and more grown

Despite all your life heading into the unknown.


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