• Jess Steward

A Collection of Grief Poetry

'We are always together, even when we are apart'

To all the ones we lost too soon

To all the ones we lost too soon,

Who never truly got to bloom,

Please know you’re loved and won’t be forgotten,

For the marks you made are so deeply trodden,

Upon the hearts of those you befriended,

And far beyond you ever comprehended,

It hurts that you felt you had to go,

But please stay for those who love you so.

To lose

To lose is the hardest part of love,

When you find you gaze to the skies above,

For an answer when nobody else can explain,

Why you have lost something you thought would remain,

You find love in every song and phrase,

Even on your darkest days,

Although you’ve lost, love still remains,

As love runs deep within your veins.


Goodbye is the hardest word to say

More so when you lose the brightest ray,

Of light that reached deep into your soul,

And constantly taught you to reach for your goals.

Goodbye may seem like it is forever

But you will be with me, whatever the weather

Come rain or shine you will always be there

Because a heart like yours was so very rare.

So I cherish the moments, one cannot destroy,

With you by my side, every single ounce of joy.

But now I will carry you deep in my heart

Because we are always together, even when we are apart.


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