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Love is not as dramatic as people think it is. It’s around us all the time. Answer me this: how many times have you liked something on Twitter or Instagram? They both use a heart – that’s the eternal symbol of love. If you flip it around though it looks a lot like other peoples’ definition of love. No comment (but I’m sure you can tell which one I prefer). The day before I met my soulmate, I was me. The day after I met my soulmate, I was me. Nothing changed about me. What is there to change anyway? What changed was the stuff around me. My bedroom is messier, my wallet is a little lighter and my kitchen is a lot fuller. Sure, my heart speeds up a little when she’s around, but that isn’t really love; that’s fear. It’s our bodies telling us to run away because we might do something stupid like open the fully stocked kitchen cupboard and get covered in baked bean tins that she left half open. Her laughter, though, is nice to listen to.

That’s not dramatic, but I guess some people call it love.


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