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8 Small Businesses for All Your Gift-Shopping Needs

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Here's our small business focused gift guide packed with ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, or any other occasion!

Your friend’s birthday is coming up and the pressure for the perfect present is on. They want something cool and original, but you’re in the middle of lockdown so shops aren’t open.

We’ve all had a moment this year where inspiration’s been lacking; we don’t know what to type into Google, Instagram or Facebook to find the best gift idea. This article’s here to solve all your problems. These are eight of my favourite small businesses, available online and wonderfully unique. With this list, you are sorted for birthdays, anniversaries, and, in case you’ve forgotten, the fast approaching Mother’s Day - 14th March.



Image source: Fabbands

A Fabband is an ideal present for that friend who loves to accessorise. The reversible headbands are so in style, even Vogue raved about them in their March, April and May editions last year. Fabbands’ reversible feature - fun and colourful on one side, and velvet on the other - means you can dress it up or down - a present to wear on any occasion! Fabulous hairbands, for fabulous people, from a fabulous company.


Elephantastic Shirts

Image source: Elephantastic Shirts

Here’s one for those who love a pop of colour. These shirts are brilliant for a day at the beach, an evening at the pub or even a first date. The 100% cotton shirts are printed with multicoloured elephants designed and made in India. If your friend is one of those unlucky people whose travel plans were COVID-cancelled, this is a great present to bring the holiday to them.


Abela Jewellery

Image source: Abela Jewellery

Who doesn’t love a bit of jewellery for their birthday? Abela not only makes unique and affordable jewellery by hand but uses only natural gemstones and crystal or glass beads to do so. This is definitely one of my top online jewellery shops this year. Abela donate 15% of the profits from each piece to Schizophrenia: A National Emergency (SANE), and every few months they support a new Black Lives Matter charity each time an Allegra necklace is sold. What better reason could there be to gift someone some glam?


Sleeves and Wooster

Image source: Sleeves and Wooster

It feels like a lifetime ago that we were looking for fabulous outfits to wear to black-tie events, but with the end of lockdown slowly crawling closer, it’s time to update our wardrobes! Launching this spring, this up and coming business will sell black-tie patterned dress shirts at affordable prices, adding a bit of jazz to your post-COVID parties. This is the ultimate present for those looking for good quality gifts on a budget. Sleeves and Wooster are supporting the young men’s suicide prevention charity James’ Place by donating 10% of the profits from every shirt, so buying from here is a great way to help out a really important charity. Sleeves and Wooster are undoubtedly one to watch this year.


Chop Shop

Image source: Chop Shop

Calling all uni students! Look no further for the next big thing your uni house is missing: the ultimate drink chopping tool. The UK is currently going crazy for these beer snorkels: the Sale Sharks got theirs customised, Ireland, Wales and Scotland’s Six Nations squads are chopping water pre-game, and even adults are trying to beat their record time. There’s no doubt this is what is missing from your friend’s life.


White Lines

Image source: White Lines

Next, we have a brand for the music fanatics. This T-shirt line is like no other, bringing songs to life through brilliant illustrations in a cool and trendy way. This gift couldn’t get more personal, as each T-shirt is designed to suit how the receiver visualises a song. If your friend likes to stand out, there really is no better gift, as this unique combination of music and art will guarantee a head-turning frenzy when they walk down the high street.


The Great Present

Image source: The Great Present

With Mother’s Day approaching, the mad rush to find something that screams ‘thank you’ is on! The Great Present’s personalised stationery is perfect for that tricky person who has everything, the busy bee who’s always writing lists, and a great addition to any home. The ‘Chubby’ is an acrylic box, housing 300 sheets of recycled, personalised paper. If you’re looking for ‘Great Presents for Great People’, this is the place for you.



Image source: ColourMePaige

Last but not least, ColourMePaige is all about making people smile through art, which makes a gift from here both unique and personal. From high quality, waterproof stickers to digital, physical and custom portraits and prints, the choice is huge. A print from here is a great way to add a bit of creativity to your bedroom. Made with endless amounts of love and care, it’s definitely worth having a look on Etsy or Instagram for a gift idea fit for anyone of any age.


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