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6 Y2K Hairstyles That Give Us Serious Nostalgia

Think headbands, bandanas and butterfly clips.

A YouTube video containing examples of Y2K hairstyles with tutorials.


As we’ve seen in the fashion world, Y2K style is very much in for hair and beauty. The trend has taken off on TikTok and the social media platform is a big source of inspo for all things noughties nostalgia. Y2K hairstyles have also been seen on celebrities like Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen to name a few. We love all things Y2K simply because of the fun throwback it provides to the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, perfectly capturing our childhood years and the trends we saw in the media as kids, defined by the women we saw in magazines and on TV.

An Instagram post by Dua Lipa, showing her rocking a Y2K inspired pink set with braids.


Here are our six favourite Y2K hair looks.


1. Space buns

Having gained popularity in the rave scene and taking inspiration from Princess Leia’s iconic buns in Star Wars, space buns are an absolute staple.


2. Bandanas

Anything with a bandana screams Y2K, so if you want to go for the nostalgic look, simply add a bandana.


3. Scrunchies

Ah, the classic scrunchie. They always make us think of sunny days at primary school and ‘styling’ friends’ hair at sleepovers. They’re still cute, and actually really practical to keep around your wrist in case you need to sweep your hair into an on-the-go ponytail.


4. Butterfly clips

These have strong Y2K vibes, but also lean into the kid core trend with the bright plastic. They’re playful and fun, perfect to brighten up your quarantine days.


5. Crimped hair

Crimping always makes us think of our queen, Britney Spears. Definitely an iconic Y2K style.


6. Layers

Face-framing layers have made a comeback with the curtain bangs trend. The style makes us think of Rachel from Friends, a true Y2K style icon and a source of constant hair inspiration.


Undeniably, the ‘90s and ‘00s were a great time for fashion, hair and beauty! Why not give some of these looks a go for yourself?


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