• Francesca Cooke

5 Spring Makeup Trends You Need To Try!

Here are 5 makeup trends you are guaranteed to love that have already taken Instagram by storm!

As Spring is quickly approaching, I wanted to delve into some beautiful spring makeup trends that we all need to try. From pastel eyeshadows to more natural glam, the warmer weather invites us to play around with our makeup a bit more, so have fun with it!


1. Natural Skin Makeup

Minimalistic skin is so gorgeous and I am loving the way that realistic and natural skin has taken over instead of heavier makeup. Fresh makeup bases for this spring and summer will be loved by many!


2. Colourful Graphic Liner

Graphic liner has been popular everywhere, and I’m here for it! It is so fun and you can get really creative with all the different fun pastel coloured liners. This trend is also beginner friendly, which is a bonus!


3. Blush

To wake up your face this Spring, blush is the way to go. A blend of light pink or peach blush on your cheeks and temples will give yourself a beautiful allover flush. Cream blush is equally as versatile.


4. Pastel Eyeshadow

What better way to compliment your eye colour and overall makeup look, with a wash of a gorgeous pastel eyeshadow over your eyelid? Pastel is the perfect middle inbetween subtle and vibrant colour. A trend I will be getting behind this Spring!


5. Lipgloss

I have recently began loving just a clear gloss on my lips again, especially if I am not wearing as much makeup. If you want a bit more colour, apply a tinted lip balm and then wear a clear gloss over the top.


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