About Lavande

Founded in January 2021 by Bridie Adams, Lavande is a volunteer-led online magazine covering beauty, fashion, culture and lifestyle. Like the flower from which Lavande takes its name, lavender, we hope our content will fill you with a sense of relaxation and positivity.

The Lavande Team


Founder, Editor-in-Chief &

podcast co-host

Bridie is an English and Film & Television student at Exeter University and founded Lavande to provide a space for female writers to showcase their work, and to provide readers with a positive escape from pandemic-era stresses. As a lover of beauty and fashion, creating a platform to publish this kind of content, as well as lifestyle and culture related articles, has been an exciting endeavour for her. As well as working on Lavande (both the magazine and upcoming podcast project), Bridie forms part of the editorial team for her university newspaper, Exeposé (which won Best Publication in the SPA awards 2020). Bridie has a personal interest in writing about gender and feminism, as well as music and film. When she’s not working on Lavande or studying, she’s usually spending time with her fiancé and her cats, baking or watching the latest Netflix horror film. She also loves travelling, and hopes to enjoy plenty of new adventures when COVID-19 restrictions ease. 



Beauty Editor

Jess is an English student at Exeter University and loves beauty and lifestyle. She is an outgoing, friendly person with a passion for writing. In her spare time, Jess enjoys walking, singing and spending time with friends and family, as well as a night out! She also writes her own blog, The Blog Days, and is a determined advocate for mental health. Over her time at university she has attempted to throw herself into as many journalistic opportunities as possible. She hopes to really make a change in the world somehow, however small, and will do anything to help others feel happier or at ease. Jess loves writing and hopes that through making the beauty section as welcoming and inclusive as possible, that she can make a positive impact on the lives of others!



Fashion Editor

Aditi is a Journalism Masters student who previously majored in Fashion Media. She enjoys dancing and boxing, is a terrible cook and wants ABBA to be played at her funeral. She also loves making digital art. What draws her to fashion is the creative and cultural part that it plays in establishing a time period's social fabric. She would much rather look at fashion archives to learn about how people lived than read an academic journal about it.

CMoberly Photo - Charlotte Moberly.jpg


Culture Editor & podcast co-host

Charlotte studies History at Oxford University and she is passionate about all things culture. Charlotte is particularly interested in the relationship between culture and social activism and has written on topics ranging from decolonising museums to LGBTQ+ activists in the arts. You can find her work in publications including Cherwell and The Kindling Journal, and on The Last Best Hope? podcast. When she’s not writing or debating the most recent album releases, she loves rock climbing and running. Charlotte has also been working on Lavande's upcoming podcast project.



Lifestyle Editor & podcast co-host

Sophie is a recent University of Sheffield graduate and is currently working in her first grad role as an External Affairs Executive for a dating app, managing its social media and producing its podcast. She is also the founder and host of Can Someone Tell Me What To Do?, a podcast dedicated to figuring life out as an early 20-something. She volunteers as a digital content creator for Fumble, a sex education charity. Sophie can talk about dating, sex education, mental health, and feminism for days on end, and is a keen baker. Sophie has also been working on Lavande's upcoming podcast project.



Creative Director

Chloe recently started her journey illustrating back in March 2020. It all started off as a little lockdown project and has since escalated! Fast forward one year and Chloe has reached over 1000 followers on Instagram and has done some amazing work which she is very proud of. One of her most recognised projects is designing the artwork for Megan Barton Hanson’s podcast You Come First, liaising with Megan to create stunning visuals that represent and reflect her aesthetic. She also helps brands with stunning visuals for their Instagram pages, creating stories and templates to help them distinguish themselves. Chloe provides Lavande with her own original illustrations and artwork, as well as sourcing worldwide creatives to take part in the magazine. Chloe’s day job is working for a small production company based in Nottingham as a Fashion / Product Designer, and she also has her own Etsy store, hellopretty.



Beauty Sub-Editor

Aimee is a 22-year-old History grad who is now studying for an MSc in Marketing at Cardiff University. Obsessed with all things beauty, she has her own beauty blog and skinstagram called Peaches and Gleam and spends most of her free time trying out (and writing about) new beauty finds. She hopes that Lavande will offer a space for fellow budding beauty writers to build up their portfolio and share their passions. When she isn’t obsessing over cleansers, Aimee also loves watching musicals, reading non-fiction and going on runs in the sunshine.



Fashion Sub-Editor

Emily is a 20-year-old student from Manchester. She studies French at Oxford University, and is buzzing to be going on her year abroad next year! Her love of fashion began when she was a little girl twirling round in bright pink tutus and trying on her grandma’s jewellery. It’s an essential part of her self-expression and identity. Her disability and sexuality are also an integral part of who she is; she has also written about those topics alongside her fashion writing. She explores these themes on her blog, A Shaky Precipice, where she looks at fashion through a disability lens. Embracing the femme label has massively boosted her confidence and led her to follow her dreams of becoming a fashion journalist. She is thrilled to be working with Lavande, where she gets to indulge her interest in fashion and work with like-minded individuals.



Culture Sub-Editor

Izzi is 20 years old, from Norwich, and is currently finishing her degree in journalism. She enjoys reading and sipping a good coffee as well as nerding out over perfecting her skincare routine. She’s been a magazine obsessive since the We Love Pop days and wants to work for a publication full-time one day. She loves writing health and lifestyle features as well as anything to do with culture, and can’t wait to dive into all your submissions!


Lifestyle Sub-Editor

Gabriella is a Creative Writing student living in Aberystwyth with her family of plants. She tends to write with a particular focus on mental health, and hopes to one day settle on what genre she likes to do this in! When she's not writing, Gabriella spends her time walking and crafting. She also enjoys learning languages, although not quite as often as the Duolingo owl would like. Passionate about combatting sexual assault, she works with multiple student-led organisations to improve conditions for survivors. She likes to proofread her housemates' assignments for fun, so a sub-editing position is just an extension of this hobby.